Make Money Biking to Work

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The cycling fitness app ByCycling: Automatic Cycling Tracker, wants to help its users earn a little extra money at their jobs by working with medium to large-sized employers to incentivize biking to work.

ByCycling works directly with both its users and their employers to reach an agreement for the employer to pay ByCycling users for cycling to work.

The app automatically uses the user’s phone GPS to detect when they are riding their bike. With daily use, the app will drain less than six percent of an iPhone battery.

ByCycling thinks its program could help people who work in bike-friendly cities spend less time in traffic. More importantly, the company wants to encourage people to be more active and healthy. ByCycling sees employers benefiting through the creation of a happier office environment spurred by more active employees. The startup also sees its biking program helping create other ancillary, cost-related benefits for employers.


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