myKicks enhance soccer training using AR

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The myKicks technology utilizes advanced computer vision and augmented reality on a smartphone to turn any ball into a smart ball. Initially focused on Football, this voice-activated app (currently only in UK but due for Global Release in 2018) allow users to film their kicks and receive actionable ball metrics such as speed, placement on the goal zone and probability of goal. These metrics help users to become better players through leveling up over a series of challenges against virtual goalies.

Currently, there is no way for footballers of all levels and ages to analyze their ball striking skills to foster improvement without the use of specialized, expensive, and inconsistent equipment.

myKicks uses advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to recreate an entire 3-D trajectory of the ball from strike point to goal plane crossing all on a mobile phone in real time. The myKicks app helps users improve through 1. In session real-time feedback, 2. Gamification of skill development through level progression and 3. Storing of kick video’s and metrics for post-session reflection and comparison.