Myontec Smart Training Wear Incorporates App

Monday, March 6, 2017

Myontec, a Finnish company that creates wearable technology, has launched a new Mbody Live mobile application.

Myontec looks to make customers healthier and enabling them to understand their body more fully so that they can become even better athletes. The company designs smart clothing that measures muscle activity. Rather than replacing traditional methods, however, Myontec also states it aims to bring a new perspective to monitoring and analysing performance – directly measuring the muscular system.

The Mbody Live mobile app incorporates technology created and designed for everyday sport enthusiasts and professional athletes, helping them to achieve goals and reduce risks of potential injury. Mbody Live provides real-time performance analysis regardless of the environment or the type of sport.

The app monitors muscle loading together with heart rate, speed and other relevant training data. Using muscle fatigue thresholds, Mbody Live 3.0 provides specific zones tailored to an individual’s current condition so that muscle training can be focused.

Quadriceps/Hamstrings ratio visual imaging helps to control loading patterns and improve technique. It also monitors the impact of intensity, fatigue and biomechanical factors on the loading ratio.

Muscle balance ensures that the physical strain is equally divided between left and right side muscle groups, reducing the risk of potential injury.

The new ‘muscle display’ shows which muscle groups are fired, the intensity of activation and muscle activation order.

Janne Pylväs, CEO of Myontec Oy said: “With the new mobile app, we want to bring muscle level bio signal analyses to the next level. Mbody Live 3.0 analyses EMG signal and gives instant feedback for the user to improve optimal training. This is achieved by detecting muscle fatigue thresholds, training zones, activation order and relaxation and balance indicators.”

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