New training portal aims to simplify fitness

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sam Pepys, a former strength and conditioning coach at Crystal Palace FC and personal trainer, has launched a new online training portal – Adapt Evolve Improve (AEI) – that aims to simplify fitness training.

AEI is designed to help educate about training, and nutrition and addresses the three key areas of fitness; weight loss, strength and mobility.

AEI is tailored to the way the consumer moves, giving a programme that is specific to each individual. Users will receive videos of each exercise for the entire training period prescribed to their very own training diary, accompanied by a detailed training and nutrition guide, and meal handbook.

The ADAPT programme is for those just starting out and who would rather train at home, or those who favour outdoor training. The programme offers an introduction to personal training from home.

The EVOLVE programme is for those who have some experience of a gym. It sets out to nurture, and educate, allowing training prowess to evolve and bring about changes in the way you look.

The IMPROVE programme is for those who are more established in a gym environment looking to take their training to the next level. With the use of advanced training methodologies, it encourages improvements in strength and performance.

All three courses are available for eight, 12 or 16 weeks for beginners, intermediate or advanced levels. With each course a personally prescribed video training diary is included which is available on mobile, tablet or PC. Each week in training comprises of four training days and three rest days.

Sam Pepys commented: “Online coaching has been known to have a “one size fits all” approach.  Not everyone is the same, and not everyone is capable of safely executing certain exercises, highlighting the need for tailored specific programming. Clients deserve more, and AEI sets out to deliver that. I spotted a gap in the market and wanted to make fitness training tailored to the individual and accessible to all- something that a user can fit into their busy weekly routine with ease.

“The AEI journey is a highly interactive experience suitable for any level and standard of fitness. After an initial screening process, users can communicate with me via an online diary if they need assistance for an exercise or advice on nutrition. Videos of users exercising can be uploaded to the AEI portal at any point throughout the training period, allowing me to give relevant feedback.”

Consumers can sign up to a free screening process before committing to a course.