Vitali launches smart sports bra

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Vitali has launched its first Kickstarter campaign for a smart sports bra that has sensors embedded into the fabric to track breathing, posture and heart rate variability.

HRV is a clinically proven indicator of stress, but along with monitoring breathing and posture during the day, Vitali hopes it can also identify what triggers those stressful moments so you can make changes to your day and overall, just feel calmer and more relaxed.

The Vitali system works in a very similar way to current fitness-focused smart garments from the likes of OMSignal, Hexoskin and Athos. The sensors required to measure breathing rate, posture and heart rate are embedded into the fabric. A clip-on module called a GEM houses the other components including the battery that delivers two days of power, 64MB of memory and the motion sensors. It has been positioned in a place that's not intrusive on a woman's body and so that it doesn't matter if you're sitting, leaning on a chair or working out. 

Once the smart bra delivered and it fits (there is an exchange policy if it doesn't), it will need to be paired with the companion iOS or Android app and calibrate with Vitali, asking users to assume a good posture to ensure the data is accurate.

"Stress is a bigger problem than fitness. For our product it's about understanding the triggers. Breathing, posture and HRV are all indicators of stress but HRV is the one that has the clinical back up and is about metrics. We are mapping posture and breathing to HRV to understand what breathing and posture is bad. I think that's really useful. It's really the mind, body and physiological connection that's important here," said Cindy Gu, Founder of Vitali.