Xampion creates Soccer Boot Sensors

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Xampion has created removable soles for soccer players that can be placed in their boots and can measure their performance and metrics during a game. The product, which is not on sale as of yet, is fitted with one sensor for each foot and can be recharged by USB connections. For both coaches and players, there will be an analyzing platform to review performance, which will be available across smartphones and tablet devices.

Xampion will track performance across a wide variety of soccer metrics. This includes total number of kicks, which leg a soccer ball was controlled with, what part of the foot a ball was kicked with, the speed of shots, a player’s sprinting speed and finally, overall distance covered during a game or training session. 

Co-founded by Fins Tero Suominen and Jussi Mutila, the company has also announced that its new shareholders include ex-professional Finnish player Juha Reini and current soccer player Jere Uronen, a Finnish national team player, who plays clubs soccer for Belgium’s KRC Genk. Suominen came up with the idea for Xampion after watching his son play a local game and took two years to develop a prototype. The company currently has three full time employees, along with 13 investors overall.