Bundesliga Comes to Rwanda

12 Mar 2015

Pay TV Company Star Times Media are to launch a Sports Premium channel in May showing games from the Bundesliga from the 2015/16 season.

An initial two-year contract has been signed, with the Sports Premium channel also showing other sports that were not previously available to viewers such as cricket, athletics, rugby and the NBA.

Star Times Brand and Marketing director Hussein Kamanzi, said, “We’re launching a new sports premium at end of this season. The channel is going to be broadcasting all the Bundesliga game with whom we have signed exclusively for two years. “

The Sports Premium channel comes in addition to the Unique Package.  Last Monday, Star Times launched a new programme called Sports Focus on a new package.

“The programme (Sports Focus) will be giving sports updates and it will also show the Euro 2016 qualifiers and UEFA Champions League,” Kamanzi added.

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