Cairo Howarth: EFC President

10 Aug 2018

Founded in late 2009, EFC has pioneered mixed martial arts (MMA) on the African continent. Over the last nine years EFC has built the sport into one of the most talked-about sports in Africa, and the brand into one of the most recognisable sports properties on the continent and a global MMA leader.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, EFC has contracted the best African MMA talent plus top athletes from around the globe, and now has over 200 world-class athletes exclusively signed to the organisation, from Las Vegas to New Zealand.

EFC is one of the most dynamic sports organisations in Africa with over 95% market share of African MMA. Not only has EFC built an entire sport in Africa, but it also controls every aspect from regulation and marketing through to TV production and distribution.

With television broadcast deals in over 120 countries, EFC is one of the most watched sports properties on the continent, one of the world’s most widely distributed MMA organisations and is respected globally for consistently delivering high-quality events and broadcast content.

Cairo Howarth, with his brothers Silas and Calvin, whom all have a strong background in TV production, advertising and events, founded and manage EFC. The Howarths are completely hands-on in every facet of the EFC business and strategise and implement everything from the marketing and planning through to production, logistics and the running of each event.

As EFC President, Cairo Howarth also represents the organisation in all media engagements as well as being directly responsible for sponsorship and broadcaster relationships, which have grown considerably year-on-year, creating the sport and entertainment powerhouse that EFC is today.