Lux September: Senior Manager – Premier Soccer League

10 Aug 2018

Despite his age, Luxolo September has established himself in the international sport industry over the years quietly working behind the scenes.

Luxolo cut his teeth in sport administration working for FIFA – first as an employee and later as a consultant. He has worked in sport administration for the last 12 years – a remarkable feat for someone his age – in these years, he has spent time working as a consultant at CAF and COSAFA.

Born in a rural village in the Eastern Cape with very limited opportunities, Luxolo September has sought to redefine the narrative and continues pushing the envelope in global sport.

He is the first to admit that he has a lot to learn in the industry but time is on his side.

“One of the biggest advantages for me is that I’ve had a rare opportunity to stand in the shoulders of giants – men and women who are leaders not only in sport but influencers and change agents. It’ has been a privilege learning at the feat of the likes of Dr Khoza, Mr Kaizer Motaung and many others who have been pioneers in this industry. They have enabled me to see further – and dream about who we could be as African people.”

September’s biggest passion is changing the narrative and stereotypes about Africa and African sport. He firmly believes that the time has come for Africa to write its own story in the world stage and to get its house in order. In order to do that though, September believes Africa must develop the quality of leadership that will be responsive to the challenges of tomorrow.

He is currently the chairman uLwazi Project in the Eastern Cape – a non profit organization he founded together with like-minded people focusing empowering the mind of rural and township kids through reading clubs, leadership development, career orientation and mentoring.