Quality bike carrier heading to SA

16 Apr 2018

In what should be of immense benefit to South African cyclists, Positive Sports Solutions have struck a deal with Horizon Global to distribute a top-branded German-designed bike rack in Southern Africa.

Originally produced in Germany for the European markets, the Westfalia bike carrier is now being manufactured in South Africa and will be available to local consumers in the second half of 2018. It is rated as one of the best-known bike racks in the business.

The deal came about when the Westfalia Automotive company, based in Germany, was acquired by Horizon Global (a US-based company), who are one of the largest manufacturers of towbars in the world.

Horizon Global also have a manufacturing footprint in South Africa where the German-designed bike carrier will be manufactured both for the local market and into other parts of the world.

A natural extension of the towbar is the bike carrier and this led to Positive Sports Solutions signing a sole distribution agreement with Horizon Global South Africa to sell the bike carriers in South Africa and SADC countries, reaching as far as Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It also includes island nations such as Mauritius and Madagascar.

Along with Thule, Westfalia is one of the biggest bicycle carrier brands in Europe and has been tried and trusted over the last decade by thousands of biking enthusiasts. The product will surely gain the confidence among the local biking fraternity as a leading bike carrier product.

This new agreement will provide South African consumers with a top-quality brand at a very competitive price. A spokesman of Positive Sports Solutions said they were in the process of establishing a network for selling the product which would be primarily online based.