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International matches reduced after agreement

International matches reduced after agreement- 29 Feb 2012 00:00:00

UEFA and European clubs have come to an agreement to reduce the number of international matches in a calendar year, after it was decided that the August date – usually played days before the start of the new club season – should be dropped. 

Following discussions, it has been agreed that the international calendar would be made up of nine double-headers covering a two-year period, with no single friendlies.

This would mean that one-off friendlies such as tonight’s fixture between England and Holland at Wembley would not take place.

However, UEFA will not be backing the clubs in their attempt to oppose FIFA over the timing of the Africa Cup of Nations.

Clubs want to move the competition as early into January as they can.

In the agreement between UEFA and European clubs, it was decided that both matches in the double-headers should be played on the same continent and the final tournaments of all confederations will come to an end in mid-July.

The changes are yet to be agreed with the world governing body of the sport, FIFA.

The European Clubs Association, which comprises of Europe’s top 201 clubs, also reached an agreement over insurance payments for players injured while on international duty, starting at Euro 2012.

It agreed an increase in benefits from UEFA for clubs whose players were involved in Euro 2012 and 2016, with the increases to be announced at the UEFA Congress in Istanbul next month.

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