Mimi Mthethwa-Zulu – Netball South Africa

01 Mar 2017

Over the past 4 years Netball South Africa has grown its competition structure to an almost full calendar year from January to November. This includes an annual Inter-Provincial Tournament, Incoming and Outgoing Test Matches, National Weeks for all age groups plus participation in the World Fast Five Netball event each year. Television coverage is now well over 100 matches shown live and with nearly 300 repeats. This is coming from a base of very few televised matches just four years ago.

This exciting growth in commercial ventures and participation levels has required increased management of the sport and its stakeholders and Mimi Mthethwa-Zulu has played a crucial role in facilitating this.

Evidence of Influence in the Industry

  • Support from sponsors and broadcasters to renew longer term contracts, currently as far out as 2022
  • Attracting new sponsors to the fold of netball from only three sponsors in 2012, of which only one was cash based whilst the other two were Value in kind
  • To date, netball boasts eight sponsors and partners, most of which are cash generating
  • Increased willingness of Cities and Provinces to host major netball events

Evidence of Use of Creative and Innovative Marketing

  • Introduction of strong Social Media platforms which is by far the largest in the female market and surpassing many major male dominated sports too
  • Working with sponsors, broadcasters and other mediums to build up eventing hype within top level netball including live entertainment, competitions, sponsor activities, school drives and other emotionally driven initiatives, such as cancer awareness programmes
  • Make tickets to netball matches accessible and cheap, using the netball infrastructures, local and national government areas as distribution platforms     

Evidence of Achievements

  • During 2016, as president of Netball South Africa, I have developed into a sustainable force that is able to sustain itself
  • Have dedicated my life to netball and been involved for the past three decades
  • Have been President of Netball South Africa for the past thirteen years
  • Before being President, I have been involved on the Board of NSA for three years and local Provincial Netball for over ten years
  • Have sat on various national and regional netball and sporting committees, including Africa Netball and SASCOC
  • Was voted SA Sports Administrator of the year and KZN Administrator of the year, winning this award in 2013

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